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Video 1:  Tamekia MizLadi Smith: How to Train Employees to Have Difficult Conversations

Description: In this 8:11 TED talk, Tamekia MizLadi Smith argues that it is time to invest in training that empowers employees to have difficult conversations. She describes a program that will inspire managers and employees alike to communicate with compassion and respect--all the while ensuring that people know why their work matters.


Video 2:  Kate Hartman: The Art of Wearable Communication

Description: In this 8:59 TED talk, Kate Hartman shows how and why our bodies matter to communication with ourselves and with the world. She demonstrates using various devices she has built to improve communication, including the “Talk to Yourself Hat,” the “Inflatable Heart,” the “Discommunicator,” and more.


Video 3:  Why Workplace “Communication” Is Overrated

Description: In this satirical 3:30 video, leading satirist Dr. E. L. Kersten, author of The Art of Demotivation, tells us that the source of workplace conflict is often misdiagnosed. What’s seen as a simple “misunderstanding” or “failure to communicate” really runs much deeper: Your coworkers don’t actually like you. Kersten helps clarify the situation by translating what they’re really saying. (Note: This video is satire!)


Video 4:  Writing Management Memos

Description: This 4:09 video gives an overview to the process and purpose of writing management memos. It also suggests best practices for writing and the organization of these memos.