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Video 1:  Charles Leadbeater: The Era of Open Innovation

Description: In this 18:51 TED talk, researcher Charles Leadbeater shows us that creative collaboration and innovation are not limited to the purview of professionals. For example, bloggers do not wish to organize formally, but many want a say in the development or change of policy. Rather, innovation requires development over a period of time, and new organizations models are needed (and are developing) to address public policy issues.


Video 2:  Omar Ahmad: Political Change With Pen and Paper

Description: In this 6-minute TED talk, technologist and former mayor of San Carlos, CA, Omar Ahmad identifies the drivers for politicians to pay attention to contacts from citizens and federal employees. In four steps, Ahmad explains how handwritten letters can be more effective than email, telephone, or even monetary contributions.


Video 3:  Clay Shirky: How Social Media Can Make History

Description: In this 15:41 TED talk hosted by the U.S. State Department, social media theorist Clay Shirky argues that the internet provides a way for many to enter a conversation that was not possible in the past. The internet coordinates media so that members can be producers, not just consumers. In this way, Citizens can become full participants in government and even help inform governments and prompt action, much in the same way Chinese citizens have reported earthquakes before government officials would otherwise have learned of them.


Video 4:  Social Media in America: Good or Bad for Society?

Description: In this 17:37 video clip, host Richard French discusses the implications, pros, and cons of social media and its impact in modern society with panelists Anthony Figliola (VP of Empire Government Strategies) and Ryan Davis (Executive Director of Social Innovation at Blue State Digital).