Video and Multimedia

Video Links

Video 1: Tom Peters on Leadership

Description: This 3:52 clip, featuring Tom Peters, provides an overview definition of leadership, and shows how the nature of leadership has changed--and importantly not changed--over time and looking forward. It ultimately explains how leaders develop people to grow to places they did not think they could go.


Video 2: Better Decision Making: Outlining an Effective Decision Process

Description: This 3:36 clip addresses the importance of framing an issue correctly before gathering intelligence and then turning that into proactive decision making. Asking the right questions--critical-thinking questions--is key to the process, and then evaluating tradeoffs, before making the decision needed to move forward.


Video 3: Colin Powell’s 13 Rules of Leadership (Revised)

Description: This 3:59 video from a recorded seminar shows Colin Powell giving his 13 rules on effective leadership, based on his experience in the field. The lecture excerpt is summarized with each rule overlaying Powell’s talking points.


Web Resources

Web 1: Mediating University Workplace Disputes: ADR in Unionized Universities

Description: This website features a 21:40 introduction to managing conflict, and it depicts a typical conflict between employees in the workplace at the University of Hawaii. It illustrates how both employees agreed to participate in the mediation program to resolve their conflict. It includes an explanation and demonstration of the mediation process.