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Video 1:  Srdja Popovic: How to Topple a Dictator

Description: In this 11:57 TED talk, Srdja Popovic, a leader of the movement that toppled the Milosevic Regime in Serbia in 2000, addresses the effectiveness of people-powered resistance. He lays out the plans, skills, and tools that a social movement needs, from nonviolent tactics to a sense of humor.


Video 2:  Jonas Gahr Støre: In Defense of Dialogue

Description: In this 14:58 TED talk, foreign minister Jonas Gahr Støre of Norway discusses the deficit of political dialogue used to resolve conflicts in the world today. Though often counterintuitive, Støre argues that conflicts must be resolved in nonviolent manners with open discussion, even when values diverge. Adversaries should look to understand one another and not label one another.


Video 3:  Julia Bacha: Pay Attention to Nonviolence

Description: In this 10:45 TED talk, Brazilian filmmaker Julia Bacha argues that violent and nonviolent actions are both essentially seeking attention. Using her experiences documenting nonviolent demonstrations in Palestinian villages, Bacha tells us that by paying attention to these voices, we can encourage more peaceful resistance and transform nonviolence into a functional behavior.


Video 4:  Problem Employees? It’s Not You, It’s Them

Description: In this 4:57 video, leading satirist Dr. E. L. Kersten, author of The Art of Demotivation, shows how to manage three types of problem employees. Whether you’re dealing with the “perpetually offended employee,” the “aggrieved superstar,” or the “egomaniac,” the answer is simple: They need to be grateful for what they have. (Note: This video is satire!)