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Video 1:  C-SPAN2--BookTV: Team of Rivals

Description: This 1:11 C-SPAN2 program features the historian Doris Kearns Goodwin speaking at the Miami Book Fair on July 16, 2011. She gives examples of Abraham Lincoln’s leadership skills during his presidency, especially in leading a cabinet of former rivals who thought they were smarter than the president.


Video 2:  Sheryl Sandberg: Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

Description: This 14:51 TED talk from 2010 features Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook COO, discusses why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions. She diagnoses the causes and proposes three strategies for women aiming to reach the C-suite.


Video 3:  C-SPAN: Q&A With Ron Chernow, Part 1, Part 2

Description: This two part C-SPAN interview (approximately 2 hours total) with author Ron Chernow about his biography of George Washington (Washington: A Life) reveals new information about the leader’s temperament and relationships with Job Adams, Alexander Hamilton, and others. His book is based on research of 60 volumes of correspondence and documents now available to scholars.


Video 4:  Gen. Stanley A. McChrystal on Leadership

Description: In this 35:46 video, Retired General Stanley McChrystal, Senior Fellow at the Jackson Institute for Global Affairs at Yale University, delivers a lecture as part of the Leaders Forum series. He uses his 3-decades-long experience in the U.S. Army to illustrate ways in which individuals can begin to close what he sees as a serious leadership gap in the country. He speaks of the need for leaders to be able to embrace the increasing complexity of the world and to find ways to knit together disparate stakeholders into a coherent team able to embrace a “shared consciousness and purpose. . . . It’s the Holy Grail in terms of what’s needed to be effective.”