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Video 1: Myers–Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI)--The Ultimate Personality Test

Description: This 1:15 clip describes the Myers–Briggs Personality Test, its uses in professional life, and what it can mean for understanding yourself as well as others.

Video 2: Kohlberg’s Stages of Moral Development

Description: This 9:34 clip explains each stage of moral development and gives life-based examples for each stage.

Video 3: Finding Career Direction

Description: This 3:53 clip identifies three questions to ask oneself when thinking about determining whether the career you are in is the right fit for you and if you are thinking of changing careers: Who Am I? What do I want to do? How do I get hired? The underlying message relies on Schein’s career anchor theory.

Video 4: Don’t Regret Regret

Description: This 16:44 TED talk featuring Kathryn Schulz stresses that it is humane to learn to live with regret. She discusses regret in the context of denial, bewilderment, punishment, and preservation. She argues that it is necessary to feel the pain of regret when things go in order to achieve personal growth.

Video 5: The Science of Emotions: Jaak Panksepp at TEDxRainier

Description: This 17:39 TEDx talk features Jaak Panksepp addressing a nearly impenetrable topic for scientific research: emotions. An affective neuroscientist, Panksepp explains a modern approach to emotions and how understanding and taking seriously the emotions of other animals could improve the lives of millions by improving our understanding human emotions.