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Video 1:  Hasan Elahi: FBI, Here I Am!

Description: This tongue-in-cheek 14:24 TED talk illustrates creative problem solving. Hasan Elahi was mistakenly put on the FBI’s terrorist watchlist, so he used this opportunity to create an archive of his life--a sort of art project. In this way, he also demonstrated devaluation of the intelligence agency’s currency of knowledge over which ultimately no one has ownership.


Video 2: Edward Tenner: Unintended Consequences

Description: This 16:30 TED talk discusses and gives examples of the gap between inventions and our ability to predict the consequences despite the best of intentions. Edward Tenner looks at ways to close the gap so we can learn from disasters. He argues we should take a positive view of unintended consequences as a way to find creative solutions to additional problems.


Video 3: John Bohannon: Dance vs. PowerPoint, A Modest Proposal

Description: This 11:10 TED talk addresses the overuse of PowerPoint presentations to support verbal presentations through a presentation on the properties of matter and light. Bohannon stresses that PowerPoint presentations distract the audience. He demonstrates how you can use creativity to make topics like molecular biology digestible in real terms. Rather, he proposes explaining research through interpretive dance.


Video 4: The Art of Innovation | Guy Kawasaki | TEDxBerkeley

Description: “Rethink. Redefine. Recreate.” In this 21:15 TEDx talk, Guy Kawasaki presents 10 key points on the art of innovation and how to change the world. From how to make meaning and avoid traditional mission statements to focusing on change, uniqueness, value, and perfecting your pitch, Kawasaki emphasizes how to stand apart and be on the cutting edge.