Video and Multimedia

Video Clips

1. Opioids From Inside

Description: The experiences of three women incarcerated for opioid-related crimes are detailed.

2. Q&A With Sudhir Venkatesh

Description: A sociologist describes his ethnographic research on street gangs.

Audio Clips

1. Studying Urban Crime by Befriending a Neighborhood

Description: The results of an ethnographic study of a Philadelphia neighborhood are described.

2. Clergy Members Suffer From Burnout, Poor Health

Description: Focus groups of clergy members from various religious denominations were conducted to examine why they are at an increased likelihood of job burnout and poor physical health.


1. The Qualitative Report

Description: The Qualitative Report is a journal that features qualitative research studies on various social science topics.

2. RTI International

Description: RTI International conducts research on social justice issues, including topics pertaining to the criminal justice system.