Video and Multimedia

Video Clips

1. The Research Lifecycle – A Look Inside Pew Research Center

Description: Researchers at the Pew Center describe how research projects are selected and carried out.

2. Why 2016 Election Polls Missed Their Mark

Description: Researcher at the Pew Center presents several hypotheses to explain why 2016 presidential polling data were inconsistent with the actual result.

Audio Clips

1. “In My Father's House” Explores How Crime Spreads Through Generations

Description: Consistent with criminological learning theories, an author examines inter-generational violence.

2. Theory vs. Hypothesis in Science

Description: The differences between a theory and a hypothesis are explored.


1. Research and Statistics

Description: Interested in juvenile delinquency or juvenile justice? The Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention provides research reports and statistics on the topics.

2. Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences (ACJS)

Description: The Academy of Criminal Justice Sciences is one of the largest organizations for criminologists.