Video and Multimedia

Video Clips

1. Social Experiments to Fight Poverty

Description: Using a randomized control design, a researcher describes which strategies are effective in reducing poverty.

2. The Surprising Connection Between Brain Injuries and Crime

Description: A researcher describes the association between traumatic brain injury and criminal propensity.

Audio Clips

1. Episode 453: What Causes What?

Description: In this audio clip, the difference between correlation and causation is explored.

2. Scientists Hunt Hard Evidence on How Cop Cameras Affect Behavior

Description: In field experiment studies, the impact of body cameras on police behavior is examined.


1. Criminal Justice Policy Foundation

Description: The Criminal Justice Policy Foundation website examines the effects of the United States’ war on drugs.

2. National Institute of Justice

Description: The National Institute of Justice supports empirically-based best practices to increase the effectiveness of the major institutions that compose the criminal justice system.