Video and Multimedia

Video Clips

1. Policing Research: If You Can't Find It, Do It

Description: A researcher describes the importance of exploratory research.

2. Bite Mark Evidence

Description: Now regarded as faulty evidence, this video clips discusses the issues with court reliance on bite mark analysis.

Audio Clips

1. New Immigration Crackdowns Creating “Chilling Effect” On Crime Reporting

Description: Results from a survey indicating that immigration crackdowns have led to a decline in the reporting of crimes are discussed.

2. Scientists Aim To Pull Peer Review Out of the 17th Century

Description: Reforms to the peer review process are discussed in this audio clip.


1. Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program

Description: The Uniform Crime Reports is a commonly referenced source of crime-related data.

2. Virtual Library

Description: The National Crime Justice Reference Service is a repository of research on various criminological topics.