Video and Multimedia

Video Clips

1. Evaluating Reentry Programs Using Data and Science

Description: The results of research evaluations of offender re-entry programs are presented.

2. Benefit–Cost Analysis for Crime Policy

Description: Researchers explain how cost–benefit analysis is used in criminological research.

Audio Clips

1. Racial Profiling: A Cost–Benefit Analysis

Description: Using a cost–benefit analysis framework, a researcher explains how racial profiling is an ineffective strategy in preventing terrorism.

2. Power (Dis)Play? Teams in Black Draw More Penalties

Description: The results of a quasi-experiment indicate that hockey teams wearing black jerseys are more penalized than teams wearing white jerseys.


1. American Evaluation Association

Description: The American Evaluation Association acts as a clearinghouse on information related to evaluation analysis.

2. Western Michigan University’s The Evaluation Center

Description: Visit Western Michigan University’s The Evaluation Center for helpful checklists when conducting evaluation research and summaries of previous studies.