Video and Multimedia

Video Clips

1. Phone vs. Online Surveys: Why Do Respondents’ Answers Sometimes Differ by Mode?

Description: In this clip, a researcher explains why respondents’ answers differ depending on the mode of survey.

2. How Police View Their Jobs

Description: Finding from a survey of nearly 8,000 law enforcement officers on their job-related attitudes are described.

Audio Clips

1. Study: 15 Percent of Teens With Cells Receive “Sexts”

Description: Results from a survey of teenagers between the ages of 12 and 17 indicate that over 15% have been the recipient of a sexually suggestive text message.

2. Mechanical Turk Workers: Secret Cogs in the Internet Marketplace

Description: The implications of Amazon’s Mechanical Turk, in which respondents are paid small sums to complete surveys and other tasks, on social science are considered.


1. Center for Court Innovation

Description: The Center for Court Innovation supports research endeavors designed to make the criminal justice system more effective and more humane.

2. National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS)

Description: Created to obtain a more accurate picture of the frequency and nature of crime in the United States, the National Crime Victimization Survey is one of the largest criminal justice-related surveys administered.