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Video Clips

1. How Pew Research Center Conducted Its 2017 Survey of Muslim Americans

Description: A Pew researcher describes the sampling strategies employed in its 2017 survey of Muslim Americans.

2. Measuring Illegal Immigration: How Pew Research Center Counts Unauthorized Immigrants in the U.S.

Description: A Pew researcher details how the center estimates the number of unauthorized immigrants living in the United States.

Audio Clips

1. How To Make Sense of Exit Polls on Election Night

Description: Sampling error is explored through the example of election exit polling.

2. Years Delayed, Detroit Starts Testing Rape Kits for Evidence

Description: Out of 11,000 DNA rape kits, Wayne County prosecutors tested a random which led to convictions in unsolved cases.


1. Bureau of Justice Statistic

Description: Bureau of Justice Statistics website for statistics related to all aspects of the criminal justice system including police, courts, and corrections.

2. World Prison Brief

Description: Visit The World Prison Brief website for incarceration trends from around the world.