Speech Resources

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  1. The public speaking course page at the University of Washington contains numerous sample student speeches, including impromptu speeches, persuasive speeches, and advocacy speeches. Several professional speeches are available as well.
  2. In this speech, a student explains a pretend product called "Full Grown Clone":
  3. This student gives a informational speech exploring theories about Marilyn Monroe's death in "An Unresolved Mystery."
  4. In an informative speech about bees, this student vivaciously illustrates various facets of the insects' life.
  5. This informative speech, titled "Facebook and College Students," illustrates the effects the social media site can have on students and time management.
  6. In this informative speech, Megan shows a new perspective on "Green Products."
  7. This playlist contains a variety of speech examples from students and professionals.
  8. Vincennes University student Katie Jones gives a demonstration speech on "How to Build a Solar Oven."
  9. This playlist of persuasive speeches and this playlist of informative speeches contain numerous examples of Ivy Tech Community College students giving prepared speeches.
  10. Ryan Slattery, a Harvard student, provides his position on gay rights in this persuasive speech.