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Rose, J. (1994). Communication challenges and role functions of performing groups. Small Group Research, 25(3), 411 – 432.

Abstract: This article examines the internal and external communication of an underresearched type of small group, the performing group. A participant observation case study of a nightclub band explores the challenge of engaging in internal and external group communication simultaneously. The author uses Bochner's typology of the five functions of communication – impression management, expression, organization, validation, and protection – to define role functions salient to this performing group. Signals sent by different members to other members and the audience provide evidence of three previously unidentified role functions – front person, expressive leader, and stage leader – described in terms of concern for different functions of communication.

Islam, G., & Zyphur, M. J. (2009). Rituals in organizations: A review and expansion of current theory. Group & Organization Management, 34(1), 114 – 139.

Abstract: This article integrates material from the study of rites, rituals, and ceremonies to apply these constructs to the study of organizations. A brief history of the study of the constructs is offered. Theories concerning the components, types, and functions of rites, rituals, and ceremonies are described, followed by a survey of field research in organizations that applies these theories. Conclusions about the current state of knowledge in the field are followed by implications for future study.