Learning Objectives

Chapter Overview:

In this chapter we are introduced to interpersonal communication and it’s connection of culture. Students will learn about the contexts in which relationships are built as well as the role of self-disclosure in maintaining a relationship. Furthermore, the use of rituals is explored and the role they play in communication within relationships. Relationships encounter tensions that we must negotiate. Finally, the connection between public advocacy and interpersonal communication is explored.

Chapter Goals:

  • Explore how interpersonal communication is mediated by culture
  • Appreciate relational partners as whole people, rich with their own experiences and feelings
  • Describe the role of power in relationships, particularly in terms of relational struggle
  • Articulate and practice the importance of communication, in general, and listening, in particular to all aspects of relationship development and negotiation

Chapter Outline:

  1. Self and Other
  2. Frames and Play
  3. Patterns and Rituals
  4. Change and Relational Dialectics
  5. I and Thou
  6. Public Advocacy: Building Relationships, Discerning Context, and Listening
    1. Building Relationships
    2. Discerning Context
    3. Listening