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Lee, C. (2002).  Deafness and cochlear implants: A deaf scholar’s perspective. Journal of Child Neurology, 27(6), 821 – 823.

Abstract: During the past 3 decades, cochlear implants have dramatically influenced Deaf education and the Deaf Community. They have also served as catalysts for discord between some members of the Deaf Community and advocates of the technology. In this article, I do not intend to support either side of the spoken English versus sign language debate. Instead, I will discuss ethical and practical issues related to cochlear implants. More specifically, I will address the nature and notion of deafness and the purpose of Deaf education. Although many authors have discussed these issues, they have mostly done so from the perspective of hearing scholars and the hearing parents of deaf children. It is important to recognize that understanding deafness and the experience of life from a Deaf individual’s perspective has important implications for further educational policy and practice.