Learning Objectives

Chapter Overview:

This chapter is an exploration in the power behind words. Throughout this chapter is the story of Joel and Denny and there struggle to have marriage equality. This story serves to illustrate the notion of language throughout the chapter; beginning with a look at semiotics, the authors’ present the symbolic nature of language. Once the foundation is laid for understanding the structure and characteristics of language, Fassett and Warren examine the power in language and the ways in which language shapes our reality.

Chapter Objectives:

  • Explore the relationship between language and culture
  • Describe the role of power in language
  • Articulate how culture influences our language
  • Apply constitutive theories of language to everyday life
  • Apply inclusive language to public communication

Chapter Outline:

  1. Semiotics: Structure and Symbols
  2. A Post-Semiotic Approach to Language
  3. Language as Constitutive: Ideology and Everyday Speech
  4. Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
  5. Speech Act Theory and Performativity
  6. Articulate Contact
  7. Public Advocacy: Inclusive Language