Data Sets and Templates

Excel® Data Sets

These Excel® data sets are provided in addition to data sets from the textbook (in the SPSS in Focus sections) and the Student Study Guide (in the SPSS Exercises) for each chapter where SPSS in included. They are structured by discipline, and were created by experts who actively engage in research within each discipline.

 Sample Data Set
Complete Data Sets

SPSS in Focus Data Sets

Data sets for each SPSS in Focus section in the textbook are provided here in one master Excel file.

 SPSS in Focus Data Sets

SPSS Templates

These templates are provided as a resource to accompany the Student Study Guide for Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Third Editionand are intended to make grading more manageable for instructors testing student knowledge and mastery of SPSS.

In the Student Study Guide, SPSS exercises are included for every chapter (except Chapter 8). The exercises allow students to practice SPSS using the same steps presented in the corresponding SPSS in Focus sections in the Statistics for the Behavioral Sciences, Third Edition textbook. For each exercise, a template is included in which students can input their answers.

For instructors who wish to use their own examples and data, blank answer templates for every chapter are provided below. Instructors may use these templates to standardize student responses for each exercise using their own data and examples.

SPSS Templates

Data Sets for SPSS in Focus Exercises in Student Study Guide

This file includes the data sets for the SPSS in Focus Exercises that appear in the Student Study Guide.

 SPSS in Focus Exercises