Video and Multimedia

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Video Clips

Fisher’s LSD
Gives an overview of Fisher’s LSD, when it is beneficial to use it, and references to support the test’s use (5:44).

Post-Hoc Tests
Describes post-hoc tests for one-way ANOVA (6:09).

ANOVA: One-Factor (Between-Subjects)
This lecture describes a one-factor ANOVA (between-subjects) (18:36).

What are Effect Sizes?
Provides an introduction of effect sizes in general, rather than specific measures of proportion of variance (2:59).

Between and Within-Subjects
Compares and contrasts between-subjects and within-subjects designs (3:00).

Repeated-Measures ANOVA--Effect size and Post Hoc
This lecture describes effect sizes and post hoc comparisons for repeated-measures ANOVAs (8:34).

Analysis of Variance: Within-Subjects ANOVA
Gives an overview of within-subjects ANOVA, goes through an example, and provides interpretation (11:52).

SPSS Tutorial: Repeated-Measures ANOVA
This helpful video gives an overview of a one-way repeated-measures ANOVA, how to conduct this in SPSS, how to interpret the example, and how to write it up (8:45).

Audio Clips

Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)
Analysis of variance example. A visual is displayed but the presentation can be used as audio only (4:46).

Between-Subjects vs. Within-Subjects
Describes between-subjects and within-subjects designs and advantages of each (4:14).

Web Resources

Introduction to Analysis of Variance
Gives an introduction to Analysis of Variance, its uses, and links to other related concepts.

Practice Problems: ANOVA
Three practice problems are asked and answers are provided.

ANOVA with Repeated Measures Using SPSS Statistics
Provides introduction to repeated-measures ANOVA using SPSS and the assumptions when deciding to analyze data using repeated-measures ANOVA.