Video and Multimedia

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Video Clips

Repeated-Measures t Test
Description and example of repeated-measures t test (3:44).

Hypothesis Testing on Matched-Pairs Design for Mean
Lesson on performing hypothesis testing on matched-pairs design using test (7:04).

Effect Size for Dependent Samples t Test
This video calculates effect size including Cohen’s d (2:25).

Paired-Samples t Test
Paired-samples test tutorial provides audio, PowerPoint slides, and SPSS to discuss paired Test (8:34).

Confidence Intervals for Dependent-Samples t Test
Example of how to calculate confidence intervals for dependent-samples test (2:32).

Audio Clips

Matched Pairs and Independent Groups
Discusses advantages and disadvantages of matched-pairs and independent groups designs (2:13).

Repeated Measures
Discusses repeated measures and the advantages and disadvantages of each design (4:24).

Lecture on t Tests
Thorough lecture on Tests (56:39).

Web Resources

Dependent t Test Using SPSS
Provides overview of paired-samples test, including an introduction to the topic, assumptions, how to conduct the analysis in SPSS, and how to write up results.

How to Write APA Style Results
A PDF of how to write APA style results.