Video and Multimedia

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Video Clips

Sampling Distributions: Introduction to the Concept
Video describes sampling distribution and statistical inference. Illustrates sampling distribution of the sample mean in a simple example (7:51).

Sampling Distribution of the Mean
Video describes important properties of the sampling distribution of the mean and variance (5:26).

Central Limit Theorem
This provides a video on central limit theorem, an article describing the concept, and a simulation to demonstrate the effect of sample size on the shape of the sampling distribution of the mean (:27).

Audio Clips

Psychology Studies Biased Toward Western Undergraduates
Podcast describes that meta-analysis of scientific data shows that top psychology research studies tend to make conclusions about human nature based on samples taken solely from Western undergraduate students (2:18).

What You Didn’t Know about the Stanford Prison Experiment
Describes the Stanford Prison Experiment and the flaws in the experiment (10:15).

Simone Schnall: “Moral Intuitions, Replication, and the Scientific Study of Human Nature
Conversation about replication of social psychology studies and what counts as “admissible evidence” in science (42:12).

Web Resources

Science: A Relationship You May Not Understand
An NPR article applies the issue of trusting “scientific claims” by discussing that the conclusions drawn from scientific studies almost always involve generalizing from a sample to a population. Describes what a sample is.

Sampling With and Without Replacement
This article compares sampling with and without replacement using an example to illustrate the differences.

The Grammar of Mathematics: Writing about Variables
The table provides some of the most common statistics (written out and abbreviated forms) and how to use them following APA style.

Conducting Educational Research: Creating Tables and Figures
Provides examples of how to organize statistics into tables and figures.