Video and Multimedia

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Video Clips

Graphing Distributions and Histograms
This video clip describes histograms and describes how to create a histogram using two examples (6:04).

Graphing Distributions and Bar Charts
This video clip describes bar charts, their use, and examples (3:08).

Frequency Distributions and Cumulative Frequency Distributions
This video gives a brief overview of frequency distributions and cumulative frequency tables (1:34).

Gary Wolf: The Quantified Self
This TEDtalk describes an intriguing new pastime: using mobile apps and always-on gadgets to track and analyze the body, mood, diet, spending--just about everything in daily life you can measure (5:10).

Audio Clips

Displaying Categorical Data
Podcast describing how to display data in bar charts, pie charts (4:28).

Lecture on percentages and percentiles by describing an example (3:36).

Obese Women Make Less Money, Work More Physically Demanding Jobs
Describes study that found a 65% increase in women’s weight is associated with a 9% drop in earnings (3:51).

Web Resources

Work, School, and Marriage: Americans at Age 27
An NPR article that provides graphical representation of educational attainment, jobs, and marriage data for young adults.

Provides description and examples of histograms.

Bar Charts
Provides description and examples of bar charts.

Who Are the Long-Term Unemployed?
An NPR article that provides graphical representation of unemployment in the United States.

Stem-and-Leaf Plots
Describes how to construct a stem-and-leaf display and provides an example.

How Does Stress Affect Performance
Short article that describes how stress and performance are related and displays this with a visual display of data.