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Video Links

Video 1: NYT Health Video: Dayniah & Scoliosis

Description: Dayniah Manderson, a young Jamaican immigrant, struggles to achieve her goals despite a debilitating spinal disease of scoliosis.

Video 2: NYT Health Video: Ralph & Dementia

Description: Ralph Wenzel, a retired football player, has dementia that his wife believes was caused by hits he sustained during his NFL career.

Video 3: NYT Health Video: Million Dollar Babies

Description: The Masteras and Stansels underwent fertility treatments to conceive one child, but perverse emotional and economic incentives drove them to accept the greater risks and costs of multiples.

Video 4: NYT Health Video: Dominique & Type I Diabetes

Description: Learning to manage type I diabetes can be difficult. Dominique Corozzo, 16, discusses the challenges of her diagnosis and how she copes with the disease.


Audio Links

Audio 1: Determining Brain Age with a Simple Scan

Description: NPR’s All Things Considered discusses a type of imaging called functional connectivity MRI that provides scientists with a new lens for studying brain development, which also can be useful for detecting developmental disorders.

Audio 2: Embyronic and Adult Stem Cells

Description: NPR’s Robert Siegel talks to Dr. Zach Hall about stem cell research. Hall is the former head of the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke at the NIH, and first president of the California Institute for Regenerative Medicine, the state-funded stem cell research facility. He explains the difference between embryonic and adult stem cells, and why they are not interchangeable.

Audio 3: NPR: An Army Veteran’s Desire to Die, and New Desire to Recover

Description: The story of a veteran who planned to commit “suicide by cop” after struggling to cope with the PTSD and traumatic brain injury that continued to impact his life.