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Video Links

Video 1: Bowling Alone: How to Rebuild Our Communities

Description: Brenda Smull asks difficult questions that seem more relevant than ever—why is there so much violence? How do we rebuild our communities? She discusses the need for a sense of community in the aftermath of the Dearborn Creek school shooting.

Video 2: Facebook and Social Capital

Description: Social capital is the collective value from the network or community of people one knows. This video endeavors to answer the question of whether Facebook (and by extension, other social media) offers any meaningful social capital.

Video 3: Howard Rheingold on Collaboration

Description: Howard Rheingold believes humans have a natural tendency and desire to work together in groups. In this talk, he discusses collaboration, participatory media, and collective action, and how they can help us fulfill our instincts to build community and join efforts.

Video 4: What Is Building Healthy Communities?

Description: The California Endowment's film crew put together this short piece about the Building Healthy Communities Initiative. The City Heights Community Congress features prominently.


Web Link

Web 1: Expert vs. Partner in the Change Process

Description: The North Simcoe Family Health Team attempts to answer an important question from this chapter: Are social workers experts or partners? Do we direct the change process or merely facilitate it?