What students are saying

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‘Perfect for everyone that finds stats difficult, pointless or boring, this book proves them wrong! The way the concepts are explained is so easy to grasp and it makes it even entertaining to learn!! I wish I had discovered this sooner!’

‘A must-have for any statistics student looking for a thorough understanding of statistical terminology and concepts. Students will come for the statistics and stay for the narrative.’

‘A unique, engaging experience. … The narrative helps to build a context for introducing concepts and allows for the characters to explain the concepts through their successive parts. This is a must-have for those studying statistics.’

‘This book is an excellent educational tool that could enhance the learning of students that study psychology. I believe that this book would be especially useful for first year university students, as it is an easy way of learning definitions and other statistical techniques in a relaxed way. This book is the perfect companion for an undergraduate course because you can read it before or after lectures to enhance your reading and understanding.’

 ‘A funny and engaging book, you cannot stop reading it because you cannot wait to know what happens to Zach and Alice.’

‘This book is extremely helpful in understanding the basics behind some of the more complex statistical procedures gone over in lectures.’

 ‘The storyline of Zach and Alice’s romance and struggles really keeps you on your toes, making you forget all about how much you are learning along the way.’