SAGE Premium Video

SAGE premium videos are tied to learning objectives to deepen students’ understanding of key concepts and to help students apply knowledge. All videos are accessed via the Interactive eBook. Video assessments are available in the SAGE coursepack for this title, and they include links to video clips in the interactive ebook for a seamless student experience. Preview a select offering of videos accompanying this text below.

Career Videos:

Interviews with criminal justice professionals discussing their day-to-day work and current issues related to technology, diversity, and cutting-edge developments in their field are available.


Chapter 4: Former Drug Investigator



Chapter 5: Supreme Court Librarian


Chapter 7: Defense Attorney


Chapter 11: Police Captain


Chapter 13: Corrections Sergent


Chapter 17: Juvenile Court Counselor

Witness to Innocence Videos:

Videos of interviews with exonerated individuals from the Witness to Innocence national organization


Chapter 5: Introductions


Chapter 9: Pains of Imprisonment


Chapter 12: Reentry Challenges