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Audio Link 3.1: Former Inmate Becomes Advocate For Prisoner Reform
Description: Shaka Senghor served 19 years in prison for killing a man in Detroit. He racked up dozens of disciplinary violations behind bars. But he says reading, writing and mentors helped him

Audio Link 3.2: Obama Visits Federal Prison In Oklahoma To Tout Criminal Justice Reform

Video Link 3.1: Eastern State Penitentiary
Description: Philadelphia set the stage for prison reform not only in Pennsylvania, but also the world over

Video Link 3.2: The Electric Chair: An Experiment Born in Auburn
Description: New York state is marking an anniversary this year at a central New York prison. Bill Carey says Auburn Prison became home to the nations's first electric chair 125 years ago this summer.

Web Link 3.1: Eastern State Penitentiary: A Prison With a Past

Web Link 3.2: Center for Prison Reform
Description: Center for Prison Reform website