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Audio Link 6.1: The 'Shock Of Confinement': The Grim Reality Of Suicide In Jail
Description: The case of Sandra Bland has raised anger and suspicions nationwide since she was found dead in a jail cell in Hempstead, Texas, two weeks ago.

Audio Link 6.2: Enforcing Prison Rape Elimination Standards Proves Tricky
Description: On a recent day at the Maryland Correctional Institution for Women, inmates in jumpsuits peek out of their cells to see three men with clipboards walk into the housing unit. These men are auditors doing a practice inspection. They're here to see if the facility complies with a federal law called the Prison Rape Elimination Act, or PREA.

Video Link 6.1: Health services changes in Washington State Department of Corrections

Video Link 6.2: Elderly prisoners up 250 percent: Should they be released to save money?
Description: On Monday, President Obama rolled out a plan focused on “rehabilitation and reintegration for the formerly incarcerated.”

Video Link 6.3: Woman dies while in custody of Davis County Jail; family protests
Description: A family is preparing to sue the Davis County Jail after their mother died while in custody.

Web Link 6.1: American Jail Association
Description: Website for the American Jail Association

Web Link 6.2: Reentry Programs
Description: Website for the Bureau of Prisons Reentry Programs