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Audio Link 15.1: Number of Incarcerated Women on Rise
Description: While serving time in prison, nine female inmates at a Tennessee prison earned associate degrees. Wearing caps and gowns to a graduation ceremony, they say their degrees have given new meaning to their lives

Audio Link 15.2: Female Prison Inmates Trained To Start Businesses
Description: Former convicts can have a difficult time finding a job, especially when the economy is weak.

Video Link 15.1: Issues Related to the Modern-Day Female Offender Population
Description: This interview with Piper Kerman, author of "Orange is the New Black" discusses a range of issues that confront women in the justice system.

Video Link 15.2: Why offer gender-specific items in the commissary?

Video Link 15.3: Female Offenders as Mothers
Description: This video explores the stories of how incarceration impacts the relationships between incarcerated mothers and their children.

Video Link 15.4: Parenting in prison

Video Link 15.5: Female Correctional Officers
Description: In a prison with mostly male inmates, female CO's must always be on high alert for suspicious behavior

Web Link 15.1: National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women
Description: Website for the National Resource Center on Justice Involved Women

Web Link 15.2: Women’s Prison Association
Description: Website for the Women's Prison Association