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Audio Link 7.1: States Try Out Courts Tailored for Mentally Ill
Description: In an effort to stop the repeated cycling of mentally ill people through courts and prisons, some states are setting up special courts for the mentally ill.

Audio Link 7.2: New Minn. Court Handles Vets Accused Of Crimes
Description: In Minnesota, a special court aimed at helping vets avoid jail time will launch this summer, and police officers are being trained to identify veterans with combat-related issues before they end up in court

Video Link 7.1: Former heroin addict thanks Drug Court program for saving his life
Description: The heroin epidemic claimed more than 30 lives over the course of a week in Central Virginia, now a former addict wants to share his story, on how a local drug program saved his life

Video Link 7.2: Experimental housing for vets changes lives, reduces violence

Video Link 7.3: For veterans in legal trouble, special courts can help
Description: Video highlights the Veterans Court

Web Link 7.1: Drug Courts
Description: Website for the National Association of Drug Court Professionals

Web Link 7.2: Domestic Violence Courts
Description: Website for the National Institute of Justice