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Audio Link 10.1: The Hidden Discrimination In Criminal Risk-Assessment Scores
Description: Courtrooms across the country are increasingly using a defendant's "risk assessment score" to help make decisions about bond, parole and sentencing. The companies behind these scores say they help predict whether a defendant will commit more crimes in the future. NPR's Kelly McEvers talks with Julia Angwin of ProPublica about a new investigation into risk assessment scores.

Audio Link 10.2: Supreme Court Weighs Legality Of Strip Searches

Video Link 10.1: Modern Classification Systems
Description: This video documents the prison intake process for newly-arrived inmates

Video Link 10.2: Laws That Allowed Escaped Murderer Outside Prison Walls
Description: Video highlights some of the issues with classification

Video Link 10.3: Offender change at Washington State Department of Corrections

Web Link 10.1: Prisoner Intake Systems
Description: National Institute of Corrections handout on classification and needs assessment

Web Link 10.2: Objective Jail Classification Systems
Description: Website for the National Institute of Corrections