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Chapter 9: Testing Means: One-Sample and Two-Independent-Sample t Tests
Video Clips
This video describes how to calculate the effect size for independent samples t tests (2:24).
This is a tutorial for reporting statistics in APA style including special scripts/symbols and Equation Editor function in Word. Provides basic format for reporting results of the t test and other tests of significance (may be helpful for future chapters) (9:22).
This video describes z test and t test by providing definitions and going through an example (4:48).
Audio Clips
This podcast discusses everything you wanted to know about the one-sample t test (but were afraid to ask) (7:52).
This brief lecture describes statistical vs. practical significance by using the one-sample t test as an example (3:07).
This data skeptic podcast discusses the t test such as what it is and its assumptions (17:02).
Web Resources
This website provides and compares one- and two-sample t tests.
Describes t tests and includes links to other helpful websites to further understand related concepts.
This website provides an overview of degrees of freedom by giving definitions and examples.
Describes effect sizes, significance, and gives examples of how to report results in APA style.