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Chapter 11: Estimation and Confidence Intervals
Example of how to calculate confidence intervals for independent samples t test (2:53).
Example of how to calculate confidence intervals for dependent samples t test (2:32).
This short video gives an explanation of the concept of confidence intervals with helpful diagrams and examples (4:02).
This video discusses how to find z scores for confidence intervals and how to balance precision and certainty (11:00).
This video explains how to conduct one-sample t tests in SPSS and how to interpret the output, including confidence intervals (7:48).
Audio Clips
This podcast gives an overview of  confidence intervals (3:18).
Brief introduction to interval estimation (5:05).
This Data Skeptic podcast the statistical concept of confidence intervals (11:30).
Web Resources
This website describes confidence intervals and how to determine confidence intervals using an example problem.
This interactive simulation illustrates confidence intervals.
Describes confidence intervals, misconceptions, and tips for interpretation.
This website is a resource for writing statistics in APA style and gives an example of how to write up confidence intervals.