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Chapter 14: Analysis of Variance: Two-Way Between-Subjects Factorial Design
Brief introduction to factorial ANOVAs (5:59).
This video defines main effects, interactions, and the relationship between the two. It also discusses an example and plots the means for an interaction (10:00).
Description of main effects and interactions in factorial ANOVA experiments (11:25).
This video describes factorial ANOVA and the type of variables that are included. Includes interesting example to further illustrate the concepts (9:09).
This engaging video discusses a two factor research design using an interesting topic: physical attractiveness (15:42).
Audio Clips
Further clarifies what an interaction is and when it occurs. A powerpoint is provided but it can be used as audio only (3:33).
Lecture on threats to internal validity (16:40).
This entertaining lecture by Dave Brodbeck describes factorial ANOVA (57:13).
Another factorial ANOVA lecture by Dave Brodbeck (53:44).
Web Resources
Provides introduction to mixed ANOVA and how to use SPSS to conduct the analysis. Three study designs and examples are provided.
This website provides an explanation of a two-way ANOVA, advantages of factorial design, and practice problems.
This helpful handout provides background on the analysis and interpretation of interaction effects in the ANOVA.
Describes two-way ANOVA and interactions as well as interprets SPSS output of an example problem.