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Chapter 13: Analysis of Variance: One-Way Within-Subjects (Repeated Measures) Design
Provides an introduction of effect sizes in general, rather than specific measures of proportion of variance (2:59).
Compares and contrasts between-subjects and within-subjects design (3:00).
This lecture describes effect sizes and post-hoc comparisons for repeated measures ANOVAs (8:34).
Gives an overview of within-subjects ANOVA, goes through an examples, and provides interpretation (11:52).
This helpful video gives an overview of a one-way repeated measures ANOVA, how to conduct this in SPSS, how to interpret the example, and how to write it up (8:45).
Audio Clips
This entertaining lecture by Dave Brodbeck describes repeated measures ANOVA (1:00:00).
Another repeated measures ANOVA lecture by Dave Brodbeck (55:00).
Lecture describes experimental design and how it relates to within subjects one-way ANOVA analysis. Powerpoint slides are shown but can be used as audio only (45:11).
Web Resources
Description of within-subjects ANOVA and includes links to other related topics.
Provides introduction to repeated measures ANOVA using SPSS and the assumptions when deciding to analyze data using repeated measures ANOVA.
This website compares various measures of effect size.
Gives an overview of repeated measures ANOVA and when to use this analysis.
This resource provides a brief comparison between independent measures, repeated measures, and matched pairs. A video is embedded in the website in order to further illustrate with examples the differences between these designs.