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Chapter 16: Linear Regression and Multiple Regression
Provides an overview of linear regression and provides examples using data, equations, and examples (4:31).
Brief overview and interpretation of scatter plots (1:20).
This easy to understand lecture introduces the concepts of regression analysis with examples (14:00).
This Dave Brodbeck lecture describes correlation and regression and how they are related (41:32).
Audio Clips
This lesson walks through how to construct a regression model (5:32).
Engaging lecture by Dave Brodbeck discusses multiple regression (30:53).
This lecture by Professor Angela Beth Lowe provides a description of regression (41:54).
Web Resources
This website gives a description of linear regression. Also includes definitions of terms and short video.
This simulation allows users to explore fitting data with linear functions.
Defines multiple regression and provides links to related concepts.
This website provides an in-depth description of the basics of regression.