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Chapter 12: Analysis of Variance: One-Way Between-Subjects Design
Gives an overview of Fisher’s LSD, when it is beneficial to use it, and references to support the test’s use (5:44).
Describes post-hot tests for one-way ANOVA (6:09).
This lecture describes a one-factor ANOVA (between-subjects) (18:36).
Audio Clips
Analysis of variance example. A visual is displayed but the presentation can be used as audio only (4:46).
Describes between-subjects and within-subjects designs and advantages of each (7:31).
This lecture describes a variety of post hoc analyses. A powerpoint is shown but the presentation can be used as audio only (13:25).
Web Resources
This website provides information about Analysis of Variance
Gives an introduction to Analysis of Variance, its uses, and links to other related concepts.
Three practice problems are asked and answers are provided.
This handout provides information on the use of post-hoc tests for ANOVA.