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Chapter 15: Correlation
This video describes how to interpret correlation coefficients in a correlation matrix in research studies (5:54).
Short video on the difference between correlation and causation (2:18).
Describes Pearson’s r correlation and provides examples using data, scatterplots, and formulas (4:02).
Describes Spearman correlation and provides examples using data, scatterplots, and formulas (3:12).
This animation discusses correlation, its analysis, coincidental occurrence of events, and types of correlation (9:19).
Audio Clips
Brief description of correlations. This is in video format, but can be used as audio only (3:58).
Describes correlations and provides numerous examples of data and what correlations mean (12:07).
This NPR podcast discusses correlation and causation with Charles Wheelan, author
of the book Naked Statistics: Stripping the Dread from the Data (18:08).
An interesting TED Talk by psychologist David Pizarro demonstrates a correlation between sensitivity to disgusting cues and moral and political beliefs (13:59).
Web Resources
This detailed slideshow outlines the purpose, use, and definitions of terms related to correlational design. 
Definition of point biserial correlation.
Definition and interpretation of phi coefficient.
This simulation illustrates the effect of restricting the range of scores on the correlation between variables.