Review Questions

  1. How do popular press authors and academic researchers differ in their reporting of gender issues and leadership for women?
  2. Describe women’s current representation in political and corporate leadership positions.
  3. Explain the organizational barriers that put women at a disadvantage for promotion, including corporate culture and the pipeline theory.
  4. Explain the results of meta-analyses on gender and leadership style.
  5. Describe the research results of gender and transformational leadership and how these might differ for women and men.
  6. Explain research results on gender and leadership effectiveness.
  7. What reasons are offered in the chapter for men’s advantages in leadership?
  8. Explain the value of informal networks and mentoring relationships.
  9. What reasons are given in the chapter for a likely future increase in the number of women in higher leadership roles?
  10. How might gender differences in leaders’ values affect their company’s philanthropy and sense of social responsibility?
  11. What is intersectionality?
  12. What are strengths of research on gender dynamics in leadership?
  13. What are criticisms of research on gender dynamics in leadership?