Review Questions

  1. Explain how the adaptive leadership approach differs from other leadership theories in our textbook.
  2. What are the respective roles of leader and follower in this approach?
  3. What are the five activities expected of leaders in this approach? Be able to explain each of them.
  4. What does a systems perspective contribute to our understanding of adaptive leadership?
  5. What are the key insights of Complexity Leadership Theory?
  6. What are the three types of situational challenges leaders face?
  7. Explain the six leader behaviors prescribed in the model of Adaptive Leadership.
  8. What are the four patterns of adaptive change a leader needs to identify in the Adaptive Leadership approach?
  9. What are the three ways leaders can regulate distress in an organization, according to this approach?
  10. Be able to explain and give examples of these five behaviors: providing direction, protection, orientation, conflict management, and productive norms.
  11. What are avoidance behaviors and why should leaders be concerned about them?
  12. Explain what adaptive work is.
  13. What are the strengths of the Adaptive Leadership approach?
  14. What are the criticisms of the Adaptive Leadership approach?