Video and Multimedia


Splitting the Pie

This podcast captures a real conversation between cofounders as they discuss how to divide the pie.


Defining Equity Financing

This video describes the difference between a loan and equity financing.

Enterprise Valuation

This video reviews different methods of valuing a start-up company.

Angel Investors

David Rose of the New York Angels suggests approaches for finding an angel investor.

Venture Capital

This video explains the basics of venture capital using Legos.

Due Diligence

This video briefly describes how investors carry out due diligence.

A Founder’s Level of Control

CrowdTwist founder and CEO Irving Fain describes the challenges of growing a startup, when that means letting go of certain responsibilities.

Startup Funding Explained

This video explains everything you need to know about startup funding.

Web Article

Convertible Debt

This article compares convertible debt with equity and venture debt.