Video and Multimedia


Myths about Achieving Dreams

Brazilian entrepreneur Bel Pesce defines how entrepreneurship requires continued action.

Challenges of a Family Business

This video about working in a family business highlights how to overcome typical challenges.

The Sage’s Family Business Story

This video describes tale of a fictional family business, highlighting the issues and challenges faced by being in a family business.

Serial Entrepreneur Natalie Campbell’s Story

Watch a video case of Natalie Campbell, a serial entrepreneur who has found success in pursuing multiple ventures.

Frugal Innovation

In this TED talk, Navi Radjou discusses how opportunities can be opened up with a bit of resourcefulness.

The Creation Approach

Entrepreneur Gary Whitehill describes how individuals can use creativity to turn ideas into reality.

Deliberate Practice

Pianist Claire Tueller explains her approach to practicing: “perfect practice makes perfect.”

Web Article

What Can Your Company Learn From Lego?

What all entrepreneurs and companies can learn from Lego, which started as a family-owned business in the 1930s and is still relevant today.

Entrepreneurs Reframe Failure as Intentional Iteration

This article describes entrepreneurship as an iterative learning process.


From Curiosity to Creation

This audio clip shows how the act of asking questions can lead to discoveries.