Video and Multimedia

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Journalism Ethics and Rules
This video describes certain offenses that can end a journalist’s career and get students into trouble.

Media Law and Ethics
This video discusses ethics of privacy in media.

The 5-5 Journalism Code of Ethics
This video describes the 5-5 code of ethics.


“Billionaires, Libel, & the Future of Journalism”
From WNYC, this episode of On the Media explores how libel laws affect the press.

“Facebook Caught Doing Journalism”
This episode of On the Media looks at the role Facebook has taken—or not—as users disseminate media through the platform.

“Job of Reporters”
This episode of On the Media features a discussion of the ethics behind Buzzfeed’s decision to publish a dossier about President Trump.


“The Complicated Ethics of Serial, the Most Popular Podcast of All Time”
This article explores the ethical issues in the hit podcast that investigated a murder in 1999.