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Why Be a Copy Editor?
Nancy Hanus discusses the opportunities in copyediting. 

The Copy Editor’s Job
Video explains what copy editors do.

Working as a Freelance Copy-Editor
Katie Chambers speaks about editing an author’s work.

Copy-Editing Tips
Curtis Condon details the steps in copyediting. 


The Comma Queen Will See You, Now
From WBUR’s On Point comes a discussion with the New Yorker’s grammar editor, Mary Norris.


Don’t Trim the Copy Desk. Copy Editing Is a Key Task at News Agencies.
Mary Owen is a copy editor for Global Press Journal and a digital content producer for ABC7 in Chicago.

The Desk Wants to Know
This December 2016 New York Times article explains why the copy desk and copy editing are so important to media writing.

Duke Reporters’ Lab 
From the Sanford School of Public Policy, a site devoted to facilitating fact-checking