Video and Multimedia

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How to Write a Press Release
This video describes key features of a press release and strategies for writing one.

How to Land A Job I PR – and Thrive
PR professional Nora Walsh shares her story about working in PR and describes the skills to develop.

What is PR?  
This video provides some definitions of public relations from a variety of PR professionals.

Press Release Suggestions
TV anchor Mark Grimm gives suggestions for writing press releases.


The InsidePR podcast provides weekly insights into social media and public relations, featuring a variety of topics and tips.


PR Resource Library
The Public Relations Society of America’s website includes a library of numerous resources for public relations.

Headlines and Boilerplates
This article provides an overview of writing great beginnings and endings.

Public Relations Case Study:  Amazon vs. The New York Times
This article describes when The New York Times wrote an investigative piece on the demanding culture of Amazon.