Video and Multimedia

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Award Winning Advertising
This video from the non-profit D&AD Foundation features award winning ads and a discussion of what makes them effective.

The Science of Advertising
This video from Buzzfeed describes how brands use tactics supported by research in psychology to make their products more desirable.

Working in an Ad Agency
This video features an interview with Caroline Giegerich who describes what she enjoys about working in an advertising agency.

What is a Copywriter?
Will Awdry, Creative Director at Big Fish, talks about what copywriters do, and what makes the role exciting.

Tips for Writing a Successful Text Ad
This video from Google makes suggestions for key point to highlight in your text advertisement.

Advertising and Evolution
In this TEDx talk, Ethan Decker discusses how evolution shapes responses in the world.


Creatively Speaking
This podcast interviews advertising professionals and explores numerous topics in the field.

More Advertising Podcasts
This page features seven podcasts all about advertising.


Interactive Advertising Examples
This article features examples and videos of great interactive advertising campaigns.

Why Great Ads Work
This article discusses what makes the best advertisements work.