Video and Multimedia

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How The 21st Century Changed Journalism
Watch this interview with Tim Pool, a digital journalist, who has reported on events from around the world.

Careers in Mass Communication
This video provides an overview of various career paths.

"A Digital Development Director's Job"        
Patrick O'Brien, who heads digital development for WUSA-TV in Washington, DC, describes his job and what he looks for in new employees.

The Future of Journalism 
Watch Tom Rosenstiel, the excutive director of the American Press Institute, give his Ted Talk on the future of journalism. 

Episode 39: Job hunting & career management tips from Susan Goldberg
This episode of @Sree Show provides insights into getting into your desired profession in various fields.

Professional Organizations
This page from NTY’s Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute provides links to professional organizations in the field of journalism.

An Open Letter to Journalism Students Who Want Jobs
An excellent blog by Global Press Journal founder and CEO Cristi Hegrenes.