Video and Multimedia

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Newsroom Tips: Allman on TV News Writing
Rob Allman describes writing essentials for news reporters. 

The Importance of Truth and Accuracy in News Writing
BBC broadcasting explains the important needs and steps to truthful and accurate reporting.

The Importance of Accuracy in News Writing
Rick Hummel describes writing news accurately.

Social media's role in reporting breaking news
CBS reporters show how social media news communicates with users. 

How social media is changing news
Kris Ruby describes how news stations use social media as a platform for giving and receiving news.


A New Age of Walls
The Washington Post is pioneering new digital storytelling by experimenting with form in a multimedia series.


The Washington Post crosses a storytelling frontier with “A New Age of Walls”
This Neiman Storyboard article discusses A New Age of Walls, the multimedia story linked above.